The Bear’s Song

9781452114248_bears-song_normPapa Bear settles in for hibernation while Little Bear chases a bee. Papa Bear chases after Little Bear, through the forest, into cabin country and finally smack dab in the middle of a city. We follow the bears inside an opera house where we see a cross-section of its attic to basement, Richard Scarry-esque. The ending lines sum it up:  “After all, hibernation is better with honey. And adventure is best enjoyed together.”

The Bear’s Song is a large book, perfect for fitting in all of French author/illustrator Benjamin Chaud‘s intricate drawings. Every page has so much to see, providing perfect conversation starters for parent and child.


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One Response to The Bear’s Song

  1. You know, the way I refer to hibernation in this post directly contradicts an earlier post:

    Do bears hibernate or do they sleep? According to the North American Bear Center they do hibernate; their body temperature does not drop as low as a woodchuck’s might, but the other metabolic changes that happen in bears led bioligists to redefine hibernation. Click on the “hibernation” link in the post to get more information.

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