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Ling &Ting: Not Exactly the Same!

Ling and Ting, twins, go to the barber, conduct magic, and make dumplings together, all while proving they are not exactly the same. Six short chapters offer six unique stories, though the stories weave together a bit, too, especially in … Continue reading

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Bob, Not Bob!

There aren’t many picture books about being sick, probably because being sick is not fun for kids (or anyone). But when Little Louie’s nose is so stuffed, no one can understand what he says or what he really needs. And … Continue reading

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Fox the Tiger

I don’t often review easy reader books, however, Corey R. Tabor‘s Fox the Tiger made me and my family laugh aloud. Laughing is a precious thing, and besides, this book covers a theme we all know about: wanting to be someone else. In … Continue reading

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I Just Ate My Friend

I Just Ate My Friend is the title and first line of this picture book by Heidi McKinnon, so you already know quite a bit about the plot. It follows the classic pattern of the “Have you seen my mother?/Will … Continue reading

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The world is divided on whether they love, hate or just don’t get these books by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. I fall firmly in the former camp. Square is visually innovative and brings in a bit of philosophy for … Continue reading

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Harriet Gets Carried Away

What does it mean to get carried away? Is that an idiom? Well, Harriet does get carried away with her varied costumes, as the idiom suggests. And she gets carried away, literally, by penguins! (It’s not really a spoiler if … Continue reading

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Bad Guy

How fun to pretend to be a Bad Guy! Though the main character may tell you he’s not pretending and never once does he drop out of character. His seemingly unwilling sister bears the brunt of his bad guy antics, but … Continue reading

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Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen has a cover like an oversized board book and paper pages like a picture book. As you can see by the cover, there are no words, not even the title. Klassen’s distinctive style is apparent, … Continue reading

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How This Book Was Made

How This Book Was Made is first and foremost a fictionalized funny story of how picture books are made. From battling with a tiger to word battles with an editor, there is much more about the author’s process than the illustrator’s … Continue reading

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Have You Seen Elephant?

David Barrow‘s delightful picture book, Have You Seen Elephant?, is all about turning preconceived ideas upside down. One might think huge elephants would have a difficult time hiding, but everywhere Elephant hides, the boy can’t find him (the reader sees him, … Continue reading

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