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The Circulatory Story

For a fun and detailed look at the circulatory system, follow the little green guy through blood vessels, valves, veins and more.  Geared to grade three through five, this book gives comprehensive information and explicit illustrations.  Written by Mary K. … Continue reading


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Animals Animals

This lovely book is an anthology of poetry from various poets, and the theme is animals. From bees to birthday cows, there’s a poem for every animal and an Eric Carle illustration to match.  Whether you read it all in … Continue reading

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A Drop of Water

For an up close look at water, Walter Wick’s photos have no rivals. Adhesion, surface tension and more common water phenomena (condensation, evaporation, dew, snow, clouds) are made clear through careful explanations and descriptive pictures.  A set of experiments as … Continue reading

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King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub

When King Bidgood takes a bath, he wants to do everything–battle, lunch, masquerade ball–in the tub, and no one can get him out.  This lyrical, rollicking tale is full of ingenious negotiations with the king and rich imagery.  List the … Continue reading

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Silent to the Bone

E .L. Konigsburg’s Silent to the Bone is a great book for older middle grade readers (grade six and up).  Connor’s friend Branwell is in custody for hurting his baby sister, and Connor is sure Branwell didn’t do it.  And … Continue reading

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The Money Tree

When Miss McGillicuddy’s strange new tree starts producing paper currency, first the neighbours, then the town officials and finally perfect strangers come to harvest from the tree.  Miss McGillicuddy cannot understand how they can come in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Scones and Sensibility

For those who wish we lived in a more romantic age, enter Lindsay Eland’s Scones and Sensibility.  Polly Madassa is a self-made matchmaker, and fancies herself as Anne of Green Gables or a Jane Austen heroine.  While immersing herself in … Continue reading

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Old Cricket

Old Cricket tries to get out of work by creaking, cricking and cracking.  When Old Crow chases him, Old Cricket has reason to creak, crick and crack.  Lisa Wheeler’s fun story includes lots of alliteration (try and count all the … Continue reading

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