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No, No, Kitten!

Kittens are not all sugar and spice and sleeping on fluffy pillows, and No, No, Kitten! gets this exactly right. Kitten wants to do all sorts of non-kitteny things, including having a puppy, and Kitten’s little girl owner keeps telling her, “No, no!” … Continue reading


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Tiptop Cat

An apartment in Paris, a cat and a balcony equals a happy life for the cat who likes to watch the world from his rooftop perch. One day, he pounces on a bird outside and falls. Four beautiful full page … Continue reading

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A Mango-Shaped Space

Thirteen-year-old Mia can see colours, colours in words, colours in sounds, but no one knows because of one incident when she was in grade three. She keeps this mystery to herself until she finds out what she has: synesthesia. (Find … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Magic

Okay, here’s a book recommended to me by my nine-year-old. I admit, I didn’t expect to like it. The cover didn’t draw me in, but the first paragraph, and then the first chapter and then the next chapter filled me … Continue reading

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