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The Digger and The Flower

Digger, Crane, and Dozer are busy building up the monochrome city with tall skyscrapers and bridges and wide roads. When Digger finds a lone flower, he protects it, until it’s the very last space available and then it, too, gets … Continue reading

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The Bear and the Piano

The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield has so much to like about it, I’m going to ramble. In the beginning, the bear sees a piano in the forest. He fiddles with it and over time, his skill at playing piano grows … Continue reading

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I Am a Bear

Told from the perspective of a disoriented bear, lost in the city, I Am a Bear by Jean-François Dumont, is a sensitive and understanding picture book about a bear who lives on the street with cardboard and paper for a bed. After several … Continue reading

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Symphony City

In Symphony City, a young girl gets lost in the subway and street music shows her the path back home. Spare text coupled with Amy Martin‘s bold lines and contrasting colour scheme make this picture book a visual treat. Also, find the … Continue reading

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Tap Tap Boom Boom

Filled with rhythmic, onomatopoeic words, Tap Tap Boom Boom shows a community of people seeking shelter from a storm in the subway. There is something about a shared experience that creates kindness, and in the end, a rainbow. Written by Elizabeth Bluemle … Continue reading


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Jane, The Fox & Me

Jane, The Fox & Me, a beautiful graphic novel looks much like a picture book, both with its size and its style of illustrations. Hélène, a middle schooler in Montreal, Quebec, is suddenly outcast by her friends, and she believes the graffiti … Continue reading

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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger is all prim and proper, until he doesn’t want to be. Leaving civilized behaviour behind, Mr. Tiger embraces his natural self for a while. But he misses some of the things back home in the city. He returns … Continue reading

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Line 135

A bright yellow train travels from the city to the country, from mother to grandmother and the child on it travels through black and white scenes of the world, real and imagined. She tells us how her mother and grandmother … Continue reading

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Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade

Although Balloons Over Broadway crescendos at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the true story is Tony Sarg‘s consistent innovation and enjoyment in his occupation. He did not think of puppetry as work; in fact he said he never worked a day in his life. … Continue reading

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The first impression of Lissa Price‘s Starters is the cover: A surreal, almost glowing teen girl waits with an unwavering gaze and pristine skin. This perfection is a scheme. Wealthy Enders (the elderly) laser away the flaws of teenagers and then rent their … Continue reading

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