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When Bud gets on the wrong bus the first day in a new town, he ends up at the Cosmos Academy–an Intergalactic school–where the worst thing you can be is an Earthling. He meets Gort who helps him conceal his … Continue reading

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Far Far Away

Jeremy Johnson Johnson knows everything about the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales, but nothing about Disney. This does not endear him to his peers. That he hears the voice of Jacob Grimm’s ghost also does not help. He does … Continue reading

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The Night I Followed The Dog

The Night I Followed the Dog is a fun and suspenseful read for anyone who wonders just what a dog’s life is all about–after we go to bed.  Filled with dogs who turn anthropomorphic at night, Nina Laden‘s picture book shows … Continue reading

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Breadcrumbs is a magic adventure fantasy about fifth-grader Hazel and her best friend Jack who imagine fabulous games together until Jack suddenly stops playing with her.  When Jack goes missing, Hazel follows the trail of her only friend into a … Continue reading

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You may know the story of Rapunzel by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. In 1996, Donna Jo Napoli reworked the fairy tale and added some very important details: why the witch wanted the baby and why she locked the girl up … Continue reading

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Creepy Carrots

Jasper Rabbit may be paranoid, but it seems like the very carrots he used to feast upon are now haunting him. Creepy carrots appear to be hiding in the shed and popping out of sidewalk grates. In Peter Brown‘s mainly … Continue reading

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Between the Lines

Yes, this is written by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer. Let’s get that out of the way. If you were Ms. Picoult and your daughter wanted to give up free time to write up a unique story … Continue reading

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The Umbrella

A little dog goes flying around the world with a red umbrella in this wordless picture book. Each double page spread shows a miniature story within the larger story. At the end, a cat finds the umbrella. What will his … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Bunny–Detectives Extraordinaire!

If you are against non-union lettuce and for clothing made from used dental floss, this is your book. Polly Horvath has written a fantastical kidnapping plot with a zany cast of characters including The Marmot, Madeline, a hooman (in fox-speak) … Continue reading

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A Year Without Autumn

The only thing unpredictable about Jenni Green’s life is her best friend Autumn, the carefree, fun-loving maven of new adventures. When Jenni stumbles upon a strange old elevator, her life skips ahead a year, and everything is different. Autumn, her … Continue reading


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