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I Scream Ice Cream! A Book of Wordles

When I was young, we had an ongoing joke in the classroom. For you to understand this, you need to know I’m Canadian and in school we all learned French because Canada is a bilingual country. It would get noisy … Continue reading

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A story about an exclamation mark is exactly what aspiring copy editors need on their shelves (as well as everyone else). With the plethora of exclamation marks in colloquial writing, it’s nice to see a book that makes the exclamation … Continue reading

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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger is all prim and proper, until he doesn’t want to be. Leaving civilized behaviour behind, Mr. Tiger embraces his natural self for a while. But he misses some of the things back home in the city. He returns … Continue reading

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The Story of Paper

Ying Chang Compestine and YongSheng Xuan have created a Chinese folk tale complete with mischief and historical flavour. Read the story, then the author’s note in the back which tells of the oldest pieces of paper in the world. There’s … Continue reading

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When I Was Eight

When she was eight, Olemaun wanted to read the outsiders’ books so badly, she was willing to leave her Inuit father and way of life to go to the outsiders’ school. Once there, she was forced to conform and endure … Continue reading

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Perfect Square

Perfect Square is happy being itself until it goes on a week long transformative journey (much like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, except in Perfect Square the change is imposed).  After that, “its four equal sides were confining. Its four matching corners were rigid and cramped,” … Continue reading


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The Quest to Digest

A great nonfiction resource on how the body digests, from bolus to feces. Comical illustrations and diagrams by Jef Czekaj complement the information-packed text by Mary K. Corcoran. An extensive glossary and resource page in the back complete the package.

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Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs

It’s got a cool title and cute illustrations, yet Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs:  A Kid’s Menu of Feelings is a nonfiction picture book. It clearly identifies feelings such as shy and worried in terms kids can understand.  “Annoyed is being mini-mad,” … Continue reading

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The Last Free Cat

A cat dystopian? I picked this up because I love my cat and now I love this book as well. The Last Free Cat is written by cat-loving Jon Blake, who lives in England and peppers the novel with a delightful British … Continue reading

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Line 135

A bright yellow train travels from the city to the country, from mother to grandmother and the child on it travels through black and white scenes of the world, real and imagined. She tells us how her mother and grandmother … Continue reading

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