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Before Morning

Luscious verse invokes a snow day while illustrations show a pilot going to work in the wee hours, the snow clogging her commute and the flights at the airport are all cancelled. She flags down a snowplow driver, who brings … Continue reading

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Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey

After reading The White Darkness, my interest in Antarctic exploration was piqued. Nick Bertozzi’s Shackleton tells and shows the amazing true story of Ernest Shackleton and his men, all of whom survived the expedition. A myriad of problems stood in their way: … Continue reading


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Ice Dogs

There’s nothing more refreshing than reading about winter during the dog days of summer.  Ice Dogs is about dogs, dogsledding and the incredible bond between humans and dogs that only grows deeper during dangerous adventures. Fourteen-year-old Victoria Secord lives for racing … Continue reading

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Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons

Some places in North America are still getting snow even though it’s officially spring (and summer’s right around the corner, right?). Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by the fabulous Il Sung Na follows an arctic hare who changes from white to tan in … Continue reading

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The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder

“Snow begins with a speck”. For the youngest readers, read the bold words on each page. Older readers will enjoy the explanations and captions. Close-ups of real snow crystals that make up snowflakes fascinate, and diagrams of snow crystals illustrate … Continue reading

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Red Is Best

A Canadian classic, Red Is Best by author Kathy Stinson and illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis, highlights the timeless struggle between what a child sees as important and what a parent sees. “My mom doesn’t understand about red,” our narrator states at … Continue reading

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Red Sled

Oh, to have enough snow to go sledding! In lieu of real snow, Lita Judge‘s Red Sled  will do. During the day, it’s a child’s red sled, but at night, creatures of the forest take it for a whirl. Shown entirely … Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of Christmas in Michigan

Katie visits her Michigander cousin, Will, who gives her uniquely Michigan gifts for the twelve days of Christmas.  In Katie’s letters home, the reader learns all sorts of fun facts about Michigan.  A great collage at the end filled with … Continue reading

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Owl Moon

In honour of the light dusting of snow on my front lawn, I’m inviting you to read the classic Owl Moon.  Winner of the 1988 Caldecott Medal, John Schoenherr painted the beauty of moonlight on snow in the woods.  Jane Yolen’s … Continue reading

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A Drop of Water

For an up close look at water, Walter Wick’s photos have no rivals. Adhesion, surface tension and more common water phenomena (condensation, evaporation, dew, snow, clouds) are made clear through careful explanations and descriptive pictures.  A set of experiments as … Continue reading

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