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Wait by Antoinette Portis is about a boy who sees many interesting sights while his mother holds his hand and wants to hurry. For a young child, stopping to watch construction or pet a dog is a valuable use of time and … Continue reading

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Vincent and the Night

Vincent doesn’t want to sleep, and so he unravels the night. Shown via photographs of Vincent with black drawings on a white background, Vincent and the Night by Adele Emerson is an interesting and entertaining exploration of what a baby thinks up when he is … Continue reading


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Make Lemonade

When fourteen-year-old LaVaughn finds a babysitting job in order to earn money for college (and no one in her whole building has ever been to college), she ends up taking care of Jilly and Jeremy, the children of a seventeen-year-old mother … Continue reading

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The World in a Second

At any given second, different events are taking place around the world. The World in a Second shows a snapshot of twenty-three different places, one on each page: Coro, Venezuela; Khalkis, Greece; Cartaxo, Portugal; Baltic Sea; East London, South Africa and more. This is … Continue reading

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Lost in the Sun

Trent is navigating his life of middle school, friendship and perceptions, and in the middle of it all, makes friends with a girl who has a different story every time about the origins of the scar on her face. Mostly, … Continue reading

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No, No, Kitten!

Kittens are not all sugar and spice and sleeping on fluffy pillows, and No, No, Kitten! gets this exactly right. Kitten wants to do all sorts of non-kitteny things, including having a puppy, and Kitten’s little girl owner keeps telling her, “No, no!” … Continue reading

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My Pen

A lovely ode to imagination and creative expression, My Pen takes us on a journey of all the things a pen can do: sail to Africa, see with x-ray vision, ride dinosaurs and much, much more. Christopher Myers‘s pen and ink illustrations are incredibly … Continue reading

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News: An Education in Books wrote a book

Dear Readers, Today’s interruption from the regular reviews of books is just that–an interruption (I intend to get back to reviewing books pronto). I wanted you to be some of the first to know that I wrote a picture book, … Continue reading

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