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Far Far Away

Jeremy Johnson Johnson knows everything about the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales, but nothing about Disney. This does not endear him to his peers. That he hears the voice of Jacob Grimm’s ghost also does not help. He does … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to  “The Red Tree”, the first of three stories in Shaun Tan’s philosophical picture book, Lost & Found, begins with a fitting quote for a Monday morning.  The agony of waiting and … Continue reading


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Toys Go Out

At first I was skeptical about another talking toy book, but part way into Toys Go Out, I fell in love with Lumphy, Stingray and Plastic, three of the Little Girl’s very favourite toys. They have curiosity about life around … Continue reading

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Even virtues can go bad in a futuristic Chicago where everyone but the factionless belong to either Abnegation, Erudite, Candor, Amity or Dauntless.  At sixteen, Tris chooses to become Dauntless, a choice that takes her away from her family and … Continue reading

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The Magician’s Elephant

Kate DiCamillo’s beautiful story about a boy searching for his sister and an elephant, and the adults surrounding them touches on tragedy, belief and hope.  Who cannot help but ache for Peter, who is being raised by a harsh old … Continue reading

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George Shrinks

Everyday chores become adventures when George shrinks in this entertaining picture book by William Joyce.  The illustrations have many details to talk about and any one of them would be a great starter for a descriptive paragraph.  A more creative … Continue reading

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The Sisters Grimm

Fast-paced, intriguing characters and plot twists mark this children’s series by Michael Buckley.  Beginning with The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, these books follow Daphne and Sabrina Grimm, the descendants of Brothers Grimm, through Fairyport Landing, the home of all … Continue reading

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