User’s Guide

Some organizational tips for this blog:

When I tag a book as books for the very young I’m referring to toddler age or those you might read books with a shorter word count or simpler themes. These books are still wonderful for all ages.

Picture books are illustrated books for children.

Easy readers are those emergent or early chapter books (with short chapters) that children who are becoming fluent readers may like to read on their own. Of course, any book listed on this blog can be read aloud.

Children’s novels are fiction books with eight to twelve-year-old protagonists.

Teen/YA books have teenager protagonists or are classics that are appropriate for older readers.

Nonfiction is self-explanatory.

The Canadian Author/Illustrator category means one of the book’s creators is Canadian. Likewise for Michigan Author/Illustrator (except one is Michigander instead of Canadian).


2 Responses to User’s Guide

  1. Jane Murphy says:

    We are a new publisher compiling a list of children’s book bloggers for a mailing announcing a new release. We would love to include you in our mailing going out next month.
    Thank you.
    Jane Murphy

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