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Have You Seen Elephant?

David Barrow‘s delightful picture book, Have You Seen Elephant?, is all about turning preconceived ideas upside down. One might think huge elephants would have a difficult time hiding, but everywhere Elephant hides, the boy can’t find him (the reader sees him, … Continue reading


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The Thingamabob

When an everyday item seems alien, you have yourself a Thingamabob. With humour and playful repetition, Il Sung Na‘s expressive elephant ponders what to do with the red pointy object we know as an umbrella. Take a look around for curious objects … Continue reading

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The One and Only Ivan

Living at Big Top Mall, Ivan, the gorilla, knows only the world he can see through a thick glass wall and hear about from Bob, the stray dog who visits via the small broken piece in the cage. Wise Stella, … Continue reading

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Small As An Elephant

Jack and his mom are camping in Acadia National Park–at least that’s what he thought they were doing. Except when he wakes up the next day, she’s gone. She doesn’t answer her cell phone and the local bartender says he … Continue reading

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Cousins of Clouds: Elephant Poems

If I were an elephant, I could enjoy a mud spa:  “Completely divine, muddy chocolate sublime”.  Tracy Vaughn Zimmer’s poems about elephants are varied, informed and gorgeously presented in Cousins of Clouds. Each page has text boxes with information about … Continue reading

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My Elephant

There’s only one who can take the blame for trampling the flower bed, eating all of the cupcakes and messing up the hallway: My Elephant.  Petr Horácek’s book cleverly integrates humourous subtext between grandchild and grandparents, and begs a discussion … Continue reading

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The Magician’s Elephant

Kate DiCamillo’s beautiful story about a boy searching for his sister and an elephant, and the adults surrounding them touches on tragedy, belief and hope.  Who cannot help but ache for Peter, who is being raised by a harsh old … Continue reading

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