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Tell Me a Tattoo Story

A twist on the bedtime story and parental I love you story, Tell Me a Tattoo Story by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler uses a father’s tattoos as the story starters. Told entirely in the voice of the father, we … Continue reading

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School’s First Day of School

Told from the perspective of a school, the first day of school takes on new meaning. At first, it is just the school and the janitor, but when the kids arrive, school figures out what his various features are for: the … Continue reading

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There Is a Tribe of Kids

A child travels through sundry of animals: a smack of jellyfish, a turn of turtles, an unkindness of ravens and miscellaneous inanimate items: a formation of rocks, a pile of rubble, an ocean of blue until he finds a tribe … Continue reading

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