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Camo Girl

Kekla Magoon‘s middle grade novel Camo Girl is unexpected in all the best ways. Ella, the narrator, is friends with Z, the strangest boy in the whole grade. Both of them are ostracized, and they cope by creating an imaginary … Continue reading

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Thank You, Omu!

Oge Mora has written and illustrated a vibrant picture book about sharing and community. Omu has made a big pot of stew, but when the scent wafts out the building, hungry visitors come by for a bowl. Omu is generous–but … Continue reading

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A Big Mooncake for Little Star

A Big Mooncake for Little Star by Grace Lin is a 2019 Caldecott Honor winning picture book, and for good reason. The artwork pops against the lush black night background, and the sweet but mischievous Little Star’s facial expressions add … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Dog Party

When Frank’s well-meaning human throws him a surpise party, Frank is confused about where his quiet spot went. The partiers are loud, and Frank likes quiet. The partiers are rambunctious, and Frank wants calm. But never fear, Frank’s human finally … Continue reading

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The Patchwork Bike

The siblings in this book are used to making their own fun, including a bike made of branches and tin-can handles. Each of the parts of the bike are listed, and the art echoes the patchwork nature of the bike. … Continue reading

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Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse

If you’ve spent time with kids that aren’t your own, and watched how they interact, and then you read this book, and you will see the truthful way this book represents real kids. Real kids who struggle with truth and … Continue reading

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The Rabbit Listened

This lovely book about listening is a needed addition to the picture book world. When Taylor’s creation comes crashing down, several animals come by with advice. The bear wants Taylor to shout about it, the elephant wants Taylor to remember, … Continue reading

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Bob, Not Bob!

There aren’t many picture books about being sick, probably because being sick is not fun for kids (or anyone). But when Little Louie’s nose is so stuffed, no one can understand what he says or what he really needs. And … Continue reading

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Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

First off, Júlia Sardà’s illustrations are the perfect mix of shadowy angles for a biography of a horror writer. The double page spread of Castle Frankenstein (a real place! and inspiration, perhaps, for Mary’s famous title) uses a limited dark … Continue reading

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Fox the Tiger

I don’t often review easy reader books, however, Corey R. Tabor‘s Fox the Tiger made me and my family laugh aloud. Laughing is a precious thing, and besides, this book covers a theme we all know about: wanting to be someone else. In … Continue reading

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