FlashlightWordless picture books can say so much, and Flashlight is a perfect example. First, the illustrations are exquisite, mostly glowing white on black paper except where the flashlight’s beam falls and a few other choice spots.

The story: A boy leaves his tent with his flashlight and finds the woodland creatures foraging or flying or swimming or being startled at the light. Peek-a-boo holes highlight the scene’s continuity while the page turns. Then, bump, the boy trips on a rock and the flashlight tumbles and turns on him. Several creatures take turns spying on the boy, until he crawls back into his tent.

Illustrated by Lizi Boyd, this book is rereader friendly and interactive.

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  1. Thank you for reading about the St. Louis Center. Your blog is very well done. It is helpful to read your concise and honest reviews.

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