Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse

A novel in verse for younger readers, Gone Fishing by Tamera Will Wissinger and gone fishingillustrated by Matthew Cordell, includes the ballad, cinquain, curse poem (gotta love that one) and triolet, among others. All poem types are explained in the end pages.

What stands out is the deceptively simple poetry that tells a full-fledged story about fishing with Dad when a little sister tags along. Quaint, this is, although I’m sure many people go fishing today. I get the sense this is more about the author going fishing when she was a girl than a child of today fishing, and that is just fine because it has sweet nostalgia and spot-on language.


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One Response to Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse

  1. This sounds great! I love rhyming, poetic books. And fishing! And adventures! I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing!

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