Twelve Kinds of Ice

An ode to ice and all its wonder and wintertime fun, Twelve Kinds of Ice reminisces 12KindsOfIceabout the anticipation of skating on a homemade rink. First comes the ice in the pail, so thin it breaks when touched. The colder the nights, the thicker the ice, until finally there’s enough ice to skate in the fields, the streams, the lake and finally, the backyard.

Lyrical writing by Ellen Bryan Obed (who lived for sixteen years in Canada) is partnered with Barbara McClintock‘s pen and ink illustrations in Twelve Kinds of Ice, a nostalgic look at ice skating, community and love of winter.


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One Response to Twelve Kinds of Ice

  1. Jim B says:

    I’d love a backyard ice rink. What a great idea.

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