Seasons: A Book of Poems

The Fall Wind

There is a strong fresh wind

like an eagle flying by.

It snatches someone’s kite

and keeps it flying high.                -Charlotte Zolotow

There are forty poems in Charlotte Zolotow’s book for beginning readers; each has a picture, illustrated by Erik Blegvad.  The poems are short and rhythmic, perfect for reading aloud.  My six-year-old and I took turns reading them to each other.

In the classroom, teachers can pick a poem a week (there are enough poems per season to last nine to ten weeks), and do short activities each day.  Read it aloud, have students read it chorally, talk about the word pictures, handwrite it into a poetry journal, make up your own poems based on the same subject–and more.  What are your ideas?


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One Response to Seasons: A Book of Poems

  1. EllieShareshappyPoetry says:

    insightful… I adore poetry.

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