How Will We Get to the Beach?

This guessing game story by Brigitte Luciani and illustrated by Eve Tharlet was first published in Switzerland.  Deceptively simple, Roxanne heads to the beach with five items, but every mode of transportation requires her to leave an item behind.

Use the pictures as clues to guess what couldn’t go with them before turning the page.  It’s a great book for modes of transportation, counting up and backwards from five and a great story starter:  What five items would you take to the beach?  Better yet, use the opening line and have each child fill in their own name.  “One beautiful summer day _____________ decided to go to the beach.  Everything s/he wanted to take with her could be counted on the fingers of one hand.”  Young children can do just the opening line, filling in names and drawing five items to take to the beach.  Predictability and repetition make this a good book for beginning readers, but it is also fun to read aloud. Older children can write a similar story, changing the setting.  For example,  “How will I get to the ball game?”

As a fun aside, try to find the ladybug on each page, including the pages beyond the last words where a small something is forgotten at the beach.


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