The Sisters Grimm

Fast-paced, intriguing characters and plot twists mark this children’s series by Michael Buckley.  Beginning with The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, these books follow Daphne and Sabrina Grimm, the descendants of Brothers Grimm, through Fairyport Landing, the home of all the fairy-tale characters.  Beware of your favorite childhood characters: Prince Charming may be the mayor, but perhaps he’s not so charming after all.  And Snow (Snow White) doesn’t seem so innocent as a self-defense instructor.  The three little pigs are cops, with Officer Hamstead as chief.  Half the fun of this series is recognizing characters and noticing the twist on their traditional fairy-tale traits.  Mr. Canis seems a friend of the family, but check out his name.  Doesn’t it seem close to wolf? Little Red Riding Hood is a deranged child and everyone has secrets that Sabrina and Daphne are forced to figure out in order to save their parents.

Although each book begins with a recap, this series is best read in order to avoid confusion.  A great option for road trips is to get the audio version narrated by L.J. Ganser.  Be prepared for a reading trip back to the original fairy-tale by Grimm and Anderson to compare and research characters’ stories.

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