Stella: Queen of the Snow

Twenty-eight questions are presented in Mari-Louise Gay’s Stella: Queen of the Snow. Sam’s fears about his first snowstorm are imaginatively answered by Stella, who is delighted by all things snowy. This is an excellent book to use for brainstorming snow activities.

Try asking students some of Sam’s questions before reading the book.  Write down their answers, and then compare them to Stella’s answers.  Some of my favorite questions from the book include:

  • Where does a snowman sleep?
  • What does a snowman eat?
  • Why is fog coming out of my mouth?  (Or why does fog come out of your mouth when it’s cold?)
  • Where does snow come from?
  • Where does snow go in the summer?
  • How many snowflakes are there in a snowball?

There are more.  Some questions can be attacked from a science point of view.  Read Stella’s answers and then research the scientific answers for questions like “Do dogs get cold?” or “Do birds get goosebumps?”

This is also a great example for teaching conventions (grammar/punctuation) as well as character traits (inquisitive, imaginative, fearful, adventurous).

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  2. I didn’t know of this book. Thanks for sharing!

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